Friday, 31 July 2009

Why I want to play

I wanted to take part on this course as my faculty have identified a clear need for adequate competency in supporting online communities effectively. I'm really hoping that this course will be great as I just finished another web based course in online tutoring and let's just say that it could have and should have been a lot better.


  1. Welcome aboard Nick, what were these improvement possibilities ? Anything sharable in public ? Could make another blog post perhaps :-)

    See you,
    Erkan Yilmaz

  2. Hi, I would like to echo Erkan's question - what would you like to see in this course? How can I ensure it meets your needs? cheers Sarah

  3. Hi Nick,
    Tell me, who are your faculty? Where are you based? I think its good that they are encouraging academics to do this [supporting online communities effectively] because as a student in an online community it can be quite affronting if not bewildering. It'll also be interesting to hear how this course compares to your last. Elaine.

  4. Hi Nick,
    I have joined as I want to know how the whole package of tools hangs together and can only do this by working from within.

    As well I am used to an LMS and discussion forums , which at the moment I see as having the potential to be more user friendly - except that they often didn't/don't work without incentives. So. I will follow any comments with interest. To date the experience has largely been a conversation of one.

  5. Hi Nick- I checked your profile and see that you are in London. Hello from New Zealand !!I totally agree with the comment that Nan made above- I too am working in both Moodle and Blackboard at the moment- and the discussion forums tend to work only if required as part of assessment (in asynchronous courses I mean).People jump on board- say their bit then disapear onto the next module, and aren't really interesting in forming a collaboration with other participants. So this way of learning in an open LMS is going to be a very different experience I hope!!!